Now available on Instagram/Opium dreams/Betamax


I am on Instagram! Amongst the narcissists, hawks and blithe, callow excuses for poets that litter it I will be spreading my good word of bitter irony, slivers of beauty and pitch black humour.

It’ll largely be the same work that I post here but embedded to images (as above) and with some minor edits on older poems (also, as above). There will be a few new little bits of writing to go alongside the posts, though, so if you enjoy what I do here you may want to check it out (and proffer me some likes and shares and exposure and blah blah blah).

I’ve put off using Instagram for a long time but now I’M ALMOST CERTAIN that within weeks I’ll be living in one of the Kardashian’s houses (they all have books out so I assume they’re some kind of literary dynasty, right?) and be extremely rich and famous and happy!



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