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July 15, 2017


Heartbeat skitters.
The legs of a fly.
Dying on its back.
A starved dog pulling at its chain.
Thin breath and tired eyes.
Burned by colour.
An ache in the chest.
Of love, longing or death.
No matter.
Only matter.
Serve that which serves you best.

Dead gaze.
Lke lead weight.
Straight into the heart of less light.
Swallows hate.
That sucking nothing.
Paints smiles on all our faces.
Ash and lacquer on your cheekbones.
No more silence.
Never alone.
Will not have to face.
The grinning skull inside.

Red as a shot.
Yet, strange.
A sexless thing.
A cast and a fetish.
Hollowed out.
And poured into.
It doesn’t scream yet it doesn’t move.
Tattooed in bile and shards of glass.
Howl for the abyss.
A rod for your back.

Solitary minds.
Scratch tally in plaster.
Circular portraits of little significance.
Project across the yard.
Shadow plays.
Where the wall.
Seizes on repetition.
Drinks through its sutures.
Reference and panic.
Crooked tooth and foolish.
Acid to iron out.
The crease in the sky.
Acts to please.
The Idiot God.





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