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Theme from Twin Peaks

July 30, 2016


When regret.
Sets my heart.
To hammer out
Third draft responses.
In Remington type.
And tremors.
Twist the needle.
On a record.
That sounded just right.
But now shrieks.
In discord.
I hope your ears are burning.
I hope you lay awake at night.

When light.
Lets your heart.
Breathe, beat and wake.
I hope you live.
Like you believe.
There’s still flesh to take.
That this mess.
Was still worth.
The strength it took.
To make.
I hope you’re relieved.
That you made it out alive.

I think of death.
Like you think of birth.
You plant the seed.
And I salt the earth.
We’ve sucked this stone.
For all it’s worth.
Fucked this joke.
For all it’s mirth.
And now.
There’s no blood left to move.
And the skin begins to crawl.
No points left to prove.
As petals begin to fall.


From → Poetry

One Comment
  1. Sanjay M Bhaskar permalink

    Beautiful… 😊

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