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Doctors and Nurses (Shivering Regret)

April 13, 2014


I was there.
You pulled me back.
I always hated you for that.
I never wanted you to care.
And you never thought to ask.
I didn’t want to be saved.
I’ve a way of not saying.
What I really mean.
I suppose you supposed.
You were doing the right thing.

I’m a milked snake.
And I’m running.
Down rubber tubes.
Instead of needles.
You’re a milk snake.
And those hoops.
Are muzzles.
To staunch your bite.
I’ll sleep beside you every night.
I will never write.
About nothing.
I will learn.
To love the light.
Like flowers.
On the sidewalks of Dis.
Each kiss.
Like a coin.
Thrown from the eye.
To the Styx.
Fuck her.
Fuck him.
Fuck them all.
And fuck this.

No more.
I’ll stand in simple reverie.
Of shot and shake and drum.
I’ll whore myself.
To TV gods.
Short sighted.
And numb.



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One Comment
  1. kp152 permalink

    Now that’s powerful!

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