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Golgotha Tour Guide (Hypnic Jerk and Fascism)

October 1, 2013


All around your broken neck.
Where the bone’s near the skin.
Was always my favourite part of you.
You used to knock all the time.
And I’d not let you in.
Was my favourite way to exclude you.
From the wonderful time I was having.
Being your man.
You used to ruin everything.
Batting away.
The nail from the teeth.
And the head from the hand.
Cause you were smart enough to know.
The uncanny way my blood flowed.
Most of the time.
You’d be laying in tears.
The beauty of it all.
I was looking over your shoulder.
Tracing knives on the wall.
Only room for one star to shine.
And with your dim love of the facts.
I was always gonna be the drawing act.
But the crowd took your side.
So now I hide.
And plot.
And angle
And drop.
Playing with the shadows of your broken neck.


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