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Disney Princesses (Rubies and Bonfires)

September 29, 2013


It coils round the core.
As it creeps up from the pit.
I sang out for sickness.
Now I’m dancing with it.
Staccato and sombre.
And swimming in shit.
Such strange music to swallow.
When you’ve written each bit.

If you were here I’d lay with you.
Bleed all over the sheets.
How grim to need someone.
Who believes that need’s for the weak.
If I had but the courage to tell you.
I’d still not have the courage to speak.
On the other side of the ark.
The circle’s complete.

I’m tired, my lover.
So very tired of this.
When the stone lit on my heart.
It felt like a kiss.
There’s only so much you can lose.
And tell yourself you don’t miss.
So look for my lure.
When you swim down to the rift.
It’s life that’s the struggle.
And death that’s the gift.


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