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Manhattan Project (Fanfare, Fireflies and Shock Treatment)

September 23, 2013


I watched you sew.
At the foot of the bed.
Fingers skittering about.
Cherry twist and anxiety.
Needle and thread.
Anubis sucking on stones.
The vanity of the dead.

And everywhere your fingers went.
Time and space and light were bent.
Your hair like fire in zero gravity.
I was dumb rock in the way.
That’s the difference.
Between dreamed and dreamt.
Amongst the coins.
That keep the coiled spring sprung.
Along the tiny teeth of keys.
The difference between.
Moments shared and spent.

Did you know?
There are no photos.
Of you and I together.
The difference between rhyme.
And pararhyme.
Vicious tracts bound in human leather.
Lines in the sand.
A half shown hand.
Played to my chest.
The way you liked best.
Words consciously redacted.

That’s the difference.
Between Kal-El and Clark Kent.
Some names have been changed.
Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?
To protect the innocent.


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