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Event Horizon (White Noise and Cordite)

August 21, 2013


What a pretty pair we present.
Errant, implacable and intertwined.
Bonnie and Clyde.
More like Cnut and the Tide.
The Creature picking out parts for his Bride.
She was never meant to be.
The Doctor in residence, a lit torch by his side.
The Snake and the Tree
The Belle and the Fool.
Maybe if your time was better spent.
You’d stay within the lines of your dress.
I thought they taught you this shit in school?
But, I must confess.
I never really went.

You laugh but you don’t smile.
Mirrors make such perfect art.
But, honey, there comes a time.
In amongst the erstwhile.
The callers all stop calling.
And the jokes don’t seem as funny.

Black dogs butting heads.
But one still falls between us.
Chasing time, chasing cars.
Cerberus smiling.
Erebus rising from the mantle of Mars.
Ararat falling in the shadow of Venus.
There where we made our separate beds.


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