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Nine Circles (Exorcism and The Singularity)

July 21, 2013


Screaming like a banshee and bucking like a bull.
Circling the drain.
You’re so fucking beautiful.
When you look like you’re in pain.
The most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.
Which I say all the time
But never mean.
But for you.
And, strange as it seems.
You really don’t believe it.
And you laughed.
And now I understand.
What someone like you.
Would want from someone like me.

My complexion’s like cordite.
But my consciences’ clear.
I’d have stayed and had another beer.
Drunk myself harmless.
Charmless and contrite.
You’re the one who wanted to call it a night.
And you wake up in my arms.
All alarmed, with your back to the wall.
Like it wasn’t all your fault.
What the fuck do you even want?
I stay away and you cry.
I get close and you bolt.

So, what?
I take you to the altar?
Stand and not falter.
Repeating love, honour and abide
Which is quite a shocking reversal.
From bending you over and sticking my tongue in your areshole.
You may now kiss the bride.
And keep a straight face?
Well, honey, open wide.
I’m not one to stand on ceremony.
But I admire a beautiful lie.
And if you believe in genetic memory.
This is just the first of five.


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