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Songs for White Whales and Nuclear Winter – Kindle release

July 13, 2013


I know I don’t really engage with you all, it’s nothing personal, most of you seem like lovely and fascinating people whom I’d love to get to know, I’m just completely lousy at this whole online thing.

I have a collection of my poetry available as an ebook. It’s called Songs for White Whales and Nuclear Winter. I expect none of you to buy it. I am surprised daily by all these people following and liking the things I put up. My natural inclination is to assume that none of you really like it at all and it’s all part of some big joke. But a little brave part of me is so pathetically delighted by anyone eeven paying attention to, let alone enjoying, the things that I write, it completely makes my day. Which has spurred me ever on to create this fairly decent body of work. Thank you all so very, very much. Even if it is a big joke, you’ve made me a very happy victim who’s now got an ebook to his name. If you would be so kind as to buy a copy, I think that might make me pretty happy, too.


So, please check it out. And, I hate asking this ’cause I’m a cynic who hates to be cynical, please share it, Tweet it, Facebook it etc, with anyone who you think may be interested as well. If you do buy one, please leave a review as well, I’d be really interested to hear what people think. Any questions or anything please leave them in the comments. I shall set aside my online awfulness and answer them all with gusto!

Harry McIntyre


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