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June 19, 2013

seventy seven

“Hey Red, how’s your life?”
I hope that you’re happy.
I hope you’re surviving.
We both know how hard it can be.
I’m drinking and writing.
The water’s running right off my back.
You’d be so proud.

Too old for this shit and laughing too loud.
But I’ve a hell of a wait ’til you come around.
To this place that I’m at.
Til you’ve got it all out of your system.
Til you’re ready to listen, as I whisper.
“I don’t care about the scars, I love you far more than that”.

My friends tell me you’re mine.
They’re lying, though they don’t know it.
They don’t even know who you are.
She was glass and you’re stone.
She left me alone.
You left me entirely outcast.
Kissed me and left me with my hand up your dress.
Gilgamesh writing love letters to Death.

How’ll you see me drowning from the ark?
Shadows cast into the dark.
But you’ll never read them.
Never know why the rose is bleeding.


From → Poetry

  1. I really enjoyed this piece, it’s well written and has some powerful phrases.

  2. As always, it’s just me drunk and howling at the moon. But thank you, that’s very kind.

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