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June 8, 2013


Kitten, kindly, take your needle off my vinyl.
The music’s fallen silent.
Cat scratch screech remains.
Seven seconds to feel it.
Seven years to believe it.
Serotonin served discreetly.
Goes spiralling up my vein.

Spitting sweat back on the sheets.
Savoir faire beats self belief.
Meek and mild and happy to mourn.
Remember, lover, the worm may turn.
I forgot how to lie on a crowded hill.
Seven sunsets in one pill.
These vicious lessons that we learn.

That beautiful way you knew me.
Deft, unknowable, I.
The way you cooled my fever as I screamed against the sky.
No more, nevermore, left to shrink and die.
I’ve been waiting for the sunrise.
For the time that you’ll return.
Whoring, clawing, rolling eye.
Laughing as the world burns.


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