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May 29, 2013


Romance run on silver lines.
Lace and flexible morality.
I hear you’re back in town?
With that desperate, lock-in smile.
“Hey lover, remember me?”
And I wanna wipe it off your face.
But I walk a crooked mile.
Join your jilted entourage.
“Hey stranger, I remember absolutely nothing.”
Cause it’s not over for me yet.
The way I can hold court like a king.
Has a certain sting around you.
I bow to your sense of entitlement.
And kiss your blushing cheek.
The meek inherit nothing.
But the fattened beggar feels no shame.
It’s some game we play.
You and I, together.
A blind dog bumping into tables.
Let it always be this way.


From → Poetry

One Comment
  1. this one is a great poem of your—it expresses your poetic exactly, congrats!

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