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May 23, 2013


The blood in the sink like the blood in my piss.
Kiss me, beautiful.
I miss the ownership of you.
Head in the sand and arse in the air.
You didn’t care.
And you fell in love with that ugly part of me.
Warlord and supreme Emperor of “don’t care”.
Archangel falling through choking air.
Into a frozen sea.
You’re the petrol on my fire.
My schizophrenic love affair with my wit.
Girl, don’t give unto him your power.
He hates the world and would destroy it.
Trickling down that black hole.
And bursting like a mortar.
Whales leaking semen.
Floating on the water.
Now no-one dare touch me.
They see your reflection in my eyes.
Adhuc sanguis in ore meo.
The Lord of skin and flies.


From → Poetry

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