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May 22, 2013

Act with Right

Come back.
Somewhere I know you will.
Somewhere I know you’ll never.
Say my name.
I waited for you, then.
I’ll wait for you again.
I’ve the patience of a saint.
I stood soaking in the early morning.
The end of days in a fool’s long reign.
I didn’t mind at all.
Smiling like a drunken child.
A dog under the table.
I took to my heels and collapsed round the corner.
Warm and dry and waiting once more.
Accepting, as always, the way of these things.
Oh so special.
An angel wrapped in barbed wire wings.
Pathetic, affected, ersatz sadist.
But you came, soaked to the skin.
Fell asleep on my shoulder.
A puzzle for Pavlov and a terrible fable.
As I get older these wings are losing their lustre.

Lessons I learned in nine months of drinking.
Sharks don’t wanna know you when the Ark’s already sinking.
The body that stole the youth and dignity of your mother.
Is taking 3 days off your life to recover.
Drag your leg.
Hang your head.
Throw yourself to the pit.
Wounds heal, chicks dig scars.
But your sort don’t count for shit.


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