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February 1, 2013


Don’t wake me unless you plan to stay.
Don’t touch me unless you plan to kiss me.
Honey, I could sleep forever.
In the shadow of your wings.
But when it’s you who shut her lips.
Don’t tell me that you miss me.

And I know I’m not the greatest one.
To tell you how to hold your tongue.
When it’s the way I’ve let mine run.
That’s brought this silent sickness on.

But, baby, you can’t touch me there.
Just ’cause it looks like I don’t care.
Beauty, you should wear my mask.
And turn down all your mirrors.
Touch yourself and try to see.
How hard that touch can be to bare.

You say I don’t smile.
Well you don’t pay attention.
I laugh when you don’t look.
Necessity being the mother of invention.
I’ll laugh all the louder.
And with little remorse.
When I murder myself.
Just to serve you the corpse.


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