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January 5, 2013


Hair receding, gums are bleeding.
My beggar chest, demanding, needing.
To feed the chasm, raw and screaming.
Fingers brittle as a pin.
Skin without and scorn within.
Seventh circle, middle ring.

Gorged and starved and pulled apart.
Gullet, gut, groin and heart.
Cultured, crammed, rejoin and restart.
The surest and most intimate lover.
Teeth marks in an absent mother.
An anthropophagite’s à la carte.

Beautiful clavicle, caved and crushed.
Into choking charnel dust.
Bullish head, snorting and fucked.
To run my mouth and rack my heart.
Set longing and loss apart.
Marry the mirror to mental disgust.

In the beginning the earth begat beauty.
As easily as sin.
Opened wide a door.
Bade what we step in.
But in the end the dirt devoured.
All the lilies that it flowered.


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