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December 25, 2012


Time for time to start its mocking
All this rope that I’ve been stocking.
Circumstance is caged and keeping
All my dreams for when I’m sleeping
To avoid fainting, keep repeating.
It’s only a movie.

Points of perdition like gruesome rivets
Neatly risen in rails on my skin
To run the boy out of the man.
And run something worse back in.

You know that I can see you?
I know you’re fucking there.
All that pretty auburn hair.
Your rolling apologetic stare.
To avoid history repeating
Keep entreating.
And one day she’ll be there.

Sable, stricken.
Sunken, sallow.
You were born to build my gallows.
Restless, riven.
Reverent, recluse.
I was born to thread your noose.


From → Poetry

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